Could Justin Fields be a backup quarterback in 2024 NFL Season?

Are we viewing Justin Fields too highly?

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

Justin Fields has played three years in the NFL and is nowhere close to being a franchise quarterback. Could the QB end up being a backup next year? With the Chicago Bears having the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, them drafting Caleb Williams seems likely. That could then mean that Justin Fields gets traded.

Heck, he could get traded before the draft. However, while some in the NFL world seem to think that Fields has been held back by a bad supporting cast on offense and bad coaching, other teams might not view Fields as a starting QB in the NFL. And frankly, what part of Fields' game makes him close to being a franchise player?

Through 40 games in the NFL, the Bears have won 10 of those starts. Fields has thrown 40 touchdowns against 30 interceptions in 40 games and has also fumbled the ball 38 times. He was much less productive as a rusher this year and is a sub-par passer, at best. The potential teams that could have interest in Justin Fields, I think most of them need to field a winning team immediately. Where is the indication that Justin Fields could enter into a new offense and all of a sudden become a winning QB?

After 40 career games in the NFL, Justin Fields has hit his ceiling, and I think the possibility that he is a backup QB in 2024 is something that needs talked about more. Fields is marvelous out of structure, but cannot efficiently operate an NFL offense with his arm. Furthermore, what if the Chicago Bears set the asking price too high and end up not getting a deal they deem to be fair?

Well, would the Bears really start Fields over Caleb Williams? No, that would be silly. Williams is likely entering the NFL as one of the 15-best QBs already. I don't necessarily think Justin Fields is going to have a huge market for his services, outside of teams that want to have a high-end backup QB with occasional starting potential.