Cryptic Lamar Jackson tweet actually makes so much sense now

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Back in the middle of October, Lamar Jackson tweeted "Johnny" in response to a separate tweet, and the tweet actually makes even more sense now. For those who are not on Twitter, or X, whatever you call it, this might not make much sense to you or you might not have heard of this, but this is what I am referring to:

Jackson was responding to a riddle that he must have seen on his feed. It does seem pretty random that one of the most popular professional athletes in the entire world would randomly respond to this riddle. And people on X had a field day with it. Well, recently, there was a video circulating from the Baltimore Ravens that could give even more context to Jackson tweeting "Johnny" back in October.

The video above is from the Joe Flacco era in Baltimore, and it seems to be one of those fan videos where the players read fan messages. And the video shows Flacco reading a message from someone named Johnny who apparently said, "I'm going to be the guy who takes your position."

And this Johnny person closed out the message with "the next great QB." So now, people are attaching Jackson's Johnny tweet to this video from years ago with Joe Flacco. I guess people are now trying to put this puzzle together in saying that Jackson tweeted Johnny not only reponding to that riddle, but to also indicate that he was the one who replaced Flacco and that he is the next great QB.

And as we can all see this year, Jackson and the Ravens are an elite team and probably the favorites to win the Super Bowl this year. Sure, you might read this and think I am crazy, but this all does kind of make sense in a fun way. I also do kind of wonder how the relationship was between Lamar Jackson and Joe Flacco during that 2018 NFL Season where Jackson eventually replaced Flacco as the starting QB.

And now, both Jackson and Flacco will appear in the NFL postseason, but Flacco is with the Browns, a rival of the Ravens'.