Dallas Cowboys among most overrated teams in the NFL

We have entered the final stretch of the NFL season. Here is the three most overrated teams in the NFL.
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Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions were one of the most hyped-up teams during the off-season and have delivered. The reason they're so overrated, though, is due to their being too much hype about them so far this season. Fans and experts have mentioned their name commonly, when talking about Super Bowl and NFC Championship contenders.

A Lombardi Trophy is not coming the way of Detroit this season, and escaping the first round of the playoffs will be a tough test. There's no doubt that a Super Bowl is very possible for the Lions in the next decade; however, it's too soon right now. Detroit's defense allows too many points, and we've seen what happens when they face top teams like the Ravens.. Their name has been tossed around with NFC teams like the Eagles, 49ers and Cowboys. These guys are heavyweight contenders that Jared Goff's men won't be able to beat in the playoffs. The future is bright for the Lions, but don't be surprised if they fall out of the first or second round of the playoffs.

Jared Goff
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Dallas Cowboys

Yes, the Cowboys have been blowing teams out of the water, but this seems to happen every year. Dallas comes out and destroys opponents during the regular season but don't deliver during the playoffs.

Dallas is yet to beat a team with a current winning record this season. They've had a dream schedule, and they've lost when they have taken on top teams. The Cowboys took on the Niners earlier in the year, suffered a 32-point loss, and were defeated by Philly in week eight. Dallas failed in their toughest tests this year, showing signs of another first or second-round post-season loss.

I'm not a Cowboys hater like many others, but it's hard to ignore the fact that they haven't beaten any heavyweight contenders. It can also get in your head when you fail to beat two NFC contenders. This week, they face the Eagles at home on Sunday night football. This game means so much mentally for Dallas. If they can prove that they can defeat powerhouse teams, then it will give them a huge confidence boost for the playoffs. They're overrated right now though.

Philadelphia Eagles

I wrote an article earlier in the week about why Philadelphia won't win the Super Bowl. Many of the points I used in that piece are similar regarding why they are overrated. Philly has the best record in the NFL, but don't let their record fool you.

The Eagles' defense is a big problem, as they give up an average of 260 passing yards per game. This is not good enough for a team with Super Bowl expectations. Their offense always seems to save the day, when their defense is playing poorly, as per usual. If their offense weren't perfect against the Bills, then a loss would've come their way.

A good defense goes a long way to winning a championship, and unless the Eagles can fix their defense, they can't win the Super Bowl. This team is very overrated.