Dallas Cowboys get embarrassed in Wild Card round versus Packers

Another year, another postseason exit for the Dallas Cowboys.
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

In the Wild Card round, the Dallas Cowboys truly got embarrassed by the surging Green Bay Packers, and now Dallas has way more questions than answers. All week, a lot of what those in the NFL landscape talked about was if the Cowboys were going to yet again blow it in the playoffs. And well, they did just that. For the first time since the NFL moved to a seven seed playoffs, a seven seed took down a two seed.

And it really was not even close. While the boxscore might make it seem closer than it was, the Green Bay Packers totally and utterly dominated the Cowboys on a national stage. First-year starter Jordan Love went 16/21 for 272 yards and three touchdowns. Many of Love's completions came from off-platform throws, and frankly, he was Aaron Rodgers-esque to a degree.

The Packers defense also picked off Cowboys' QB Dak Prescott two times, returning one of them for a touchdown. When the fourth quarter rolled around, Green Bay held a 41-16 lead. Prescott threw for 403 yards and three touchdowns, but much of Prescott's yards were empty calories. For the Packers, they will now head to San Francisco to take on the 49ers, the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

And on the other side of things, the Dallas Cowboys head into yet another offseason where they crumbled in the playoffs, and as crazy as it might sound, I think the status of head coach Mike McCarthy is a valid topic. McCarthy has won a ton of regular season games during his tenure with the Cowboys, but has not been able to make progress in the postseason.

And with Bill Belichick no longer with the New England Patriots, you have to wonder if Jerry Jones would shoot for the moon and attempt to replace McCarthy with Belichick, who parted ways with the Patriots earlier this offseason. Dak Prescott is also in an interesting spot as well. Do the Cowboys refresh his contract and make him one of the highest paid quarterbacks in football?

Or do they again shoot for the moon and try to upgrade from Prescott. The team did trade for Trey Lance, so perhaps they think Lance has something in him. The Cowboys came into this season with a Super Bowl-caliber roster and Super Bowl aspirations. And for it to end in the Wild Card round versus the youngest team in the NFL is truly inexcusable or Dallas.