Dallas Cowboys poor free agency period should make every NFC team laugh

What are the Dallas Cowboys doing?

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It was another disappointing end to a season for the Dallas Cowboys, so you'd think, especially after Jerry Jones "all in" comments, they'd have done more than they have thus far. Folks, what are the Cowboys doing? We all know of the "all in" comments from owner Jerry Jones, and I am sure those comments excited Cowboys fans.

The last three years have seen the Cowboys go 12-5 in the regular season, but like most every year, they were unable to advance past the Divisional Round of the playoffs. With the current coaching staff in the last year of their contract, and with Jones indicating the team was going all in, what we've seen from the Cowboys thus far should make every other NFC team laugh.

They have made four moves in free agency, according to NFL.com's free agency tracker. Those moves include signing RB Rico Dowdle, LB Erick Kendricks, CB Jourdan Lewis, and LS Trent Sieg.

Yeah, that's it. If you're a Cowboys fan, it's probably hard to get very excited over four underwhelming moves. The team is likely to extend Dak Prescott, and both CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons also need contract extensions. The Dallas Cowboys are a bit tight on the salary cap, so that could be a huge reason why they have not at all been active in free agency.

Notably, they lost Dan Quinn, as he left to be the head coach of the Washington Commanders. Their new defensive coordinator, Mike Zimmer, is certainly a strong defensive mind, but it's reasonable to think that the defense could take a step back in year one with Zimmer. And with the Cowboys getting worse at running back, offensive line, and wide receiver this offseason, the 2024 season could be shaping up to be a rough one for head coach Mike McCarthy.

The Cowboys will need to hit a home run in the 2024 NFL Draft to make up for what they've done, or not done, thus far.