Derrick Henry will be stiff-arming defenders for what team next season?

It sound's like the Derrick Henry era is over in Tennessee
Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans
Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans / Justin Ford/GettyImages

The Tennessee Titans ended their season on a high note by eliminating their division rival Jacksonville Jaguars from postseason contention. However, it might be the end of an era in Tennessee as after the game running back Derrick Henry thanked the fans who remained in the stadium.

Based off of what he said, it sounds like Derrick Henry is planning on playing elsewhere next season. But where? Who would want Henry in their backfield next season?

Derrick Henry will be stiff-arming defenders for what team next season?

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears would benefit greatly from having Henry in their backfield. Yes, there is uncertainty about who the quarterback will be next season. But, having a dominant runner like Henry will take pressure off whoever lines up under center for the Bears.

Currently, the Bears have just over 61.5 million in cap space so they can afford Henry. With Khalil Herbert being their best back, it's safe to say the Bears are in desperate need of help in the backfield. Derrick Henry would be a homerun signing for Chicago.

Baltimore Ravens

Yes even the number one seed in the AFC needs help in the backfield. Also yes, the Ravens did just sign Dalvin Cook. But, it's uncertain if Cook will remain with the team beyond this postseason. Baltimore has been cursed in the backfield with injuries. J.K. Dobbins can't stay healthy and Keaton Mitchell suffered a torn ACL after he took over being the starting running back.

But, can the Ravens afford Derrick Henry? As of now, Baltimore has just under 19.5 million in cap space. If Henry takes a veteran 1-year prove-it type of deal then yes he is affordable for Baltimore. If Henry is looking for big money, then the Ravens will need to do some work on their cap space. However, with Baltimore being right in the thick of things, it wouldn't be surprising to see them be aggressive and go after the dominant force of a running back that is Derrick Henry.

Dallas Cowboys

Last but certainly not least are the Dallas Cowboys. Outside of Tony Pollard, there's very little depth in the Cowboys running back room. Jerry Jones loves to add big-time players who can make a big-time impact. Even with their current cap situation, Jones will find a way to land Henry.

The Cowboys cap space situation isn't pretty. They're in the negative by 16 million dollars. Again, it's uncertain what kind of money Henry will want. But, Jerry Jones will stop at nothing to bring Henry to Dallas. After all, who wouldn't want a running back who just rushed for 1,167 yards and 12 touchdowns.