Describing each team in the NFL in one word ahead of the 2024 NFL Season

Let's describe each team in the NFL with one word.
NFC Championship - Detroit Lions v San Francisco 49ers
NFC Championship - Detroit Lions v San Francisco 49ers / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages
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Now that the beginning of the 2024 NFL Season is starting to come into view, let's describe each team in the NFL with one word. The start of the season is slowly but surely approaching. Across the NFL, teams are in insanely different positions. Some are going to win three games this year, and some may win quadruple that.

All 32 teams in the league can be described with just one word. Let's do just that.

Describing each team in the NFL in one word ahead of the 2024 NFL Season
Arizona Cardinals - Rebuilding

Cardinals GM Monti Ossenfort took this team over last year, and it was the least-talented in the NFL. The roster still has a ways to go, but you can begin to see what they're trying to build. Winning four games in 2023, I don't think them doubling their win total in 2024 is out of the question, but they're likely looking at 2025 as being the year they can seriously start competing.

Atlanta Falcons - Puzzling

Just an odd offseason from the Atlanta Falcons, who gave Kirk Cousins a $180 million contract but then proceeded to draft Michael Penix Jr with the eighth overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. So, what is it? Did the Falcons panic, or did they just sign the most expensive bridge QB in NFL history?

Baltimore Ravens - Overrated

The team is constantly among the most talented in the NFL, yet always fall short in the postseason. Is it about time we start calling this team overrated? They can win games no problem, but beyond that, they aren't doing much of anything in the playoffs.

Buffalo Bills - Re-tooling

The Buffalo Bills entered this offseason in some salary cap troubles, so they have had to shed contracts of several veteran players and have obviously embraced a bit of a youth movement. They've also signed some cheaper free agents and are clearly re-tooling in the middle of the Josh Allen era.

Carolina Panthers - Bottom-feeding

Until they prove they aren't bottom-feeders, they'll stay as bottom-feeders. They had the worst record in the NFL last year at 2-15 and are the only team this year to not get a primetime game. That's pretty damning on the franchise.

Chicago Bears - Hopeful

The Chicago Bears are all of a sudden a very talented team, and now have who some have called a generational QB at the helm. It's hard to not be hopeful if you're a Bears fan. The 2024 season could go better than most think for Chicago, who can find a Wild Card spot and clinch a playoff berth.

Cincinnati Bengals - Forgotten

Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow has not yet played a full season in the NFL. Is he injury-prone? The discussion needs to be had. Have we forgotten just how good the Bengals can be when Burrow is in the lineup? Possibly. As long as he's on the field, they have a chance to win no matter who the opponent is.

Cleveland Browns - Rugged

The best defense in the NFL in 2023, the Cleveland Browns are a rugged football team that won a ton of ugly games in 2023, but they won them their way. The Browns perfectly fit the city as well, so it's hard to find a better word to describe this team heading into the new season.