Detroit Lions have the resources to make huge moves in 2024 NFL Offseason

The Detroit Lions can truly make a huge push this coming offseason.

NFL Combine
NFL Combine / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

The Detroit Lions made it all the way to the NFC Championship Game in 2023 and could really make a strong push this coming offseason to build a Super Bowl team. Here are the Detroit Lions' draft picks in 2024:

Round 1: No. 29 overall
Round 2: No. 61 overall
Round 3: No. 73 overall (from Minnesota)
Round 3: No. 92 overall
Round 5: No. 162 overall
Round 6: No. 206 overall
Round 7: No. 246 overall

Man, this team is loaded with draft capital. They have a whopping four picks inside the top 100. And according to Over The Cap, they also have over $56 million in cap space in 2024 as well. And to make matters even better, the Lions could save an additional $20+ million in 2024 if they were to extend their QB, Jared Goff. It's not out of the question to see this team go into free agency with their four top 100 picks and $75 million in cap space.

All of this is adding up to be a very, very aggressive offseason for the Lions and GM Brad Holmes. Between smart free agency additions and a ton of draft pick hits like Brian Branch, Sam LaPorta, and others, the Lions can afford to approach this offseason as if they plan on building a Super Bowl roster.

But just how aggressive can they be? I think the Lions could go as far as to trade for someone like Denver Broncos CB Patrick Surtain II if Denver would entertain offers. The Lions could also splurge in free agency and perhaps consider signing guys like Danielle Hunter, Chris Jones, Leonard Williams, Jordan Whitehead, and other top free agents. Obviously they won't be signing everyone under the sun, but there are so many routes that Holmes and his front office can take this offseason.

And yes, just because a team is flush with resources, doesn't necessarily mean they need to be aggressive in spending those resources. However, it's clear that the Lions have some roster needs that they can fill this offseason and can make the jump and win the NFC. Making the NFC Championship Game in 2023 was a huge turning point for the franchise, so there is really no need to not attempt to take a huge step forward.

Brad Holmes should be calculated but aggressive in free agency and should not shy away from making a big trade if the opportunity presents itself.