Did Kirk Cousins just spill the beans on his next team in 2024?

This may be something, but it also might not be anything at all.

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Tost by Tostitos / Jesse Grant/GettyImages

Kirk Cousins is clearly one of the top free agents in the 2024 NFL Offseason, and perhaps he just spilled the beans on who he's going to play for in 2024. Cousins sadly tore his Achilles during the 2023 NFL Season, and it's especially unfortunate considering Cousins has stayed remarkably healthy his entire career and he was also on pace to have the best year of his career.

With fellow QB Aaron Rodgers also tearing his Achilles and flirting with a comeback, coupled with this recent video from Cousins, it does feel like players trying to return from this specific injury quicker than what was typically thought as the recovery time:

Roughly four months recovered, and Cousins is clearly putting a ton of pressure on his repaired Achilles, but take a look at what he is wearing...

Orange shorts?

Kirk Cousins, a six-year member of the Minnesota Vikings, wearing orange shorts?

And he just so happens to be a free agent this offseason. Could this be something? Sure, but it also could be nothing at all. The Denver Broncos do need legitimate QB production in 2024, and Kirk Cousins fits Sean Payton's offense like a glove. The Broncos potentially signing Cousins would not at all take them out of the scenario of also drafting a QB.

Having Cousins as the QB for two years might be the perfect amount of time for Payton to work with and develop a QB that the Broncos could potentially select in the 2024 NFL Draft. Payton worked with Drew Brees for over a decade in New Orleans, and much like Cousins, both QBs are pure pocket passers who can excel in the rhythm and timing-based offenses.

Sure, this could be nothing at all, but I do find it interesting that one of the latest social media posts by Kirk Cousins shows him wearing orange shorts, as it just so happens an orange team in the NFL could use the QB.

Perhaps he is spilling the beans a bit on who he is going to play for in the 2024 NFL Season?