Dysfunctional doesn't begin to describe the state of the Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans fired Mike Vrabel on Tuesday, and an additional report stemming from the move is downright pathetic.
Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans
Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans / Justin Ford/GettyImages

You almost have to think that this report about the Tennessee Titans is satire. This franchise has now fully embraced the dysfunctional team status. I can see the argument for the Titans wanting to move on from Vrabel. The have a newer GM in town with Ran Carthon, and he clearly wants to make his own mark with the franchise and build the team in his own image.

Vrabel is also a defensive head coach, and NFL front offices seem to want to copy the young, offensive coach trend. Vrabel also had two-straight losing seasons in 2023 and last year, so it's not like we were talking about an unquestionably solidified head coach. Well, the Titans fired Vrabel on Tuesday after six seasons. He led them to some division titles and an appearance in the AFC Championship Game.

There's no question that Vrabel had a successful tenure there. He's also one of the few true head coaches in the NFL. What do I mean by that? Well, he's a true leader and clearly does not attach himself to one side of the ball. He's more than just a play-caller with a head coach title, which is what we see across the NFL.

The Titans constantly held their own against much tougher opponents, so there is no doubt that Vrabel can easily land another head coaching gig in 2024. Well, this report is quite embarrassing for the Titans:

Are the Tennessee Titans serious? Too complicated to trade a top-12 head coach in the NFL? This is truly the mark of a dysfunctional franchise. The New Orleans Saints got a first and second-round pick from the Denver Broncos when they traded for Sean Payton last year. You have to figure that the Titans could have gotten a second-rounder at least, right?

I mean, we are talking about an NFL franchise coming out and apparently saying that is was going to be too complicated to trade Vrabel. This is truly insane stuff, and I think we can now firmly put the Tennessee Titans in the dysfunctional realm of NFL teams.