Early 2024 NFL picks, score predictions for Week 1 games

Making way-too-early predictions for the Week 1 slate of NFL games in 2024
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New York Jets @ San Francisco 49ers

Monday Night Football

Much is being made of Aaron Rodgers' return to the Bay Area in this particular matchup, but the return of Aaron Rodgers, in general, is what we're all eager to see here. How is the 40 going on 41-year-old quarterback going to look coming off of a major injury?

How are the Jets going to look offensively with rumors that they tried to replace Nathaniel Hackett this offseason coming to light?

They didn't exactly draw the most favorable matchup here. The San Francisco 49ers are one of the league's most well-oiled machines at this point, but the good news for the Jets is that Robert Saleh (a former 49ers assistant) is very familiar with the way they do things. The return of Saleh to the sideline in San Francisco is probably the biggest storyline here outside of the return of Rodgers, and this game will go a long way toward dictating the perception of the Jets early on in the season.

The 49ers are the reigning NFC champions. They didn't get worse anywhere this offseason. Even with Rodgers coming back, I think people are going to be surprised at how easily San Francisco is able to dismantle this Jets team.

This one will be close for three quarters, but I think the 49ers are getting the win.

Prediction: 49ers win 31-22