Evaluating the richest quarterback contracts in the NFL

Who are the richest QBs in the NFL?
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6. Kyler Murray - $46.1 million per season

The Arizona Cardinals previous regime seemed to reluctantly extend Kyler Murray. Murray tore his ACL in 2022 and returned for the home stretch in 2023. The Cardinals have their franchise QB, no doubt.

Kyler Murray is one of the few true dual-threat passers in the NFL and is still young. I understand that some people have questions about Murray's dedication to the game, or whatever it may be, but he's an electric player. I do see the argument that he is not worth this hefty contract, though.

5. Russell Wilson - $49 million per season

Another very not good QB contract, Russell Wilson might be on his way out in Denver. The Broncos benced him a couple of weeks ago, and the offense really did not look all that different with backup QB Jarrett Stidham in the lineup, and that is kind of the point.

Russell Wilson was still very good playing off-schedule this year, but that is not what Sean Payton's offense is about, so this was trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

4. Jalen Hurts - $51 million per season

After the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl run last year and Jalen Hurts' MVP-caliber campaign, the Eagles were right to extend Jalen Hurts. Now, however, this contract looks pretty poor. Hurts regressed big-time as a passer this year, and the Eagles, overall, looked much worse this year. It seems to be due to them losing both Jonathan Gannon and Shane Steichen to head coaching jobs.

I honestly believe that Hurts' 2022 season is going to end up being more of an outlier than the norm.