Every NFL uniform change in 2024 graded and ranked from worst to best

Get ready for a lot of new looks in the NFL in 2024
NFL uniforms 2024
NFL uniforms 2024 / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Another offseason in the NFL has brought along with it a number of major uniform changes around the league. Of course, uniform changes are common in the NFL today and every one of them is going to draw wide-ranging opinions. That's what we're here for. This is the definitive list ranking and grading all of the uniform changes, alternates, and re-designs for the 2024 season.

Which NFL teams got it right, and which teams need to go back to the drawing board?

9. New York Giants: Throwback abomination

The New York Giants are commemorating their 100th season by throwing it back 100 years. There's got to be a better way...

Can these uniforms qualify for the "so ugly they're cool" category? Maybe, but ultimately, these are some of the worst uniforms you'll see a modern NFL team wear. These are on par with the yellow and blue Eagles throwbacks, the Acme Packers, the Bumblebee Steelers, and others.

The Giants should have commemorated 100 years as a franchise by wearing throwbacks from some of the best years in franchise history, not the first.

Grade: F

8. Baltimore Ravens: Purple Rising Alternate Helmet

The Baltimore Ravens have one of the best uniforms in the league (for my money) and I like what they've done here with the "Purple Rising" alternate helmet:

It will be interesting to see what this looks like on the field. I sort of have the feeling it's going to look better in photoshoots than it does in an actual game. The alternate logo is a cool touch along with the gold facemask going along with the gold numbers on the uniforms.

Grade: C

7. Cleveland Browns: White facemask returns

The Cleveland Browns change their uniforms up more than a lot of teams, and they've had some absolutely gross options in recent years. But they've finally returned to their best combination, which includes the white facemask on their helmets.

I don't know if the Browns really deserve a lot of credit for this. They should have never gotten away from the white facemask. We shouldn't be talking about it. But good for them for figuring it out.

Grade: C

6. New York Jets: Modern Retro

Nostalgia always seems to do the trick, doesn't it?

This is a modern retro for the Jets. It's an homage to previous uniforms the team has worn but it's not a true "throwback" other than the helmet logo (which is a great feature). I am usually all about it when teams go with "the simpler the better" approach but there's something really lacking in these modern retros for the Jets for me.

Ironically, I think the best kit they have going here is the all-black alternate. That one looks really good. The collars on the home and away uniforms are too thick, and the Jets should have done an outline stripe on the numbers and the sleeves.

Grade: C+

5. Denver Broncos: New uniforms & throwbacks

For the first time since the 1997 season, the Denver Broncos have done a uniform re-design. There was a lot of initial pushback to the uniforms, but they have grown on people since their initial release. The "Mile High Collection" has arrived:

One of the most contentious aspects of this Broncos uniform re-design is the stripe on the sleeve. Some say it looks too much like the Bengals, some say the Chargers. In reality, it's actually the outline of the demon horse head on the helmet as well as an homage to the Rocky Mountains.

Not only did the Broncos come out with a complete re-design in 2024, but they also announced they are bringing classic throwbacks into the mix for the first time in over 20 years.

Fans have been clamoring for this and were hoping these would be the team's new primary uniforms. They'll have to settle for a couple of times per season, but this is one of the cleanest aesthetics in NFL history.

Grade: A

4. Houston Texans: Complete uniform re-design (& H-Town addition)

The Houston Texans have had some alternates through the years, but they have never done a complete re-design. Until 2024, that is.

When it comes to uniform re-designs, the Texans did a great job of staying true to their originals without veering too far off the beaten path. This is the definition of a uniform upgrade, from the number font on the uniforms to the size of the numbers to fill the space. Not to mention, the Texans' H-Town alternates are one of the cleanest looks you will see from an NFL team.

Nike hasn't done a great job on every NFL uniform re-design, but they nailed it for the Texans.

Grade: A

3. Minnesota Vikings: Winter Warrior Alternates

The Minnesota Vikings already have one of the best throwback uniforms in the NFL, but now they have one of the best alternates in the league as well. The "Winter Warrior" uniform is going to debut in 2024 with a white alternate helmet:

Call them the TCU Horned Frogs if you want. Call them the University of Sioux Falls Cougars if you want. These are clean uniforms and there's nothing really more that needs to be said about it. The purple hits with the silver facemask detail and other silver details around these uniforms...

These are going to pop on the field in a big way.

Grade: A

2. Detroit Lions: Modern retro & Blue Helmet

The idea of modern retros around the NFL can certainly be tiring, but the Detroit Lions got it right.

There is a reason why everyone loves the 80s and 90s aesthetic for so many NFL teams. Teams were mostly wearing bold pops of color back then, and that's the kind of thing that stands out in a sports uniform, especially in the NFL.

The Detroit Lions' classic Honolulu Blue home uniform is not only nostalgic, it's classic and "S-tier" among all-time NFL uniforms. But it isn't just these uniforms that "slap" for the Lions. It's the entire arsenal of new kits:

The verdict is in.

Grade: A+

1. Jacksonville Jaguars: 90s Throwback alternate

They haven't done any sort of reveal just yet, but the Jacksonville Jaguars are bringing back their classic 90s uniform this season as an alternate throwback.

This is a uniform. This is how you combine colors. This is a classic look. This is a great logo. This is an amazing all-around combination from the pant stripes to the numbers on the shoulders.

Everything about this Jaguars uniform is pristine, and to see it on an NFL field again is going to be glorious.

Grade: A++