Falcons' head coach Arthur Smith loses his mind after getting embarrassed in Week 18

Arthur Smith had a bad day...

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp
Atlanta Falcons Training Camp / Edward M. Pio Roda/GettyImages

Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith lost his mind for no reason after his team got their rear ends handed to them in Week 18 versus the New Orleans Saints. In Week 18, the Falcons had one last shot to get into the postseason, and even if they won, they wouldn't have gotten in, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took care of their own business.

But Smith's Falcons got destroyed in Week 18. The Saints beat them 48-17 in one of the most lopsided games of the 2023 NFL Season. Late in the game, with under two minutes remaining, the Saints were depp inside Saints' territory. At this point, the game was well out of reach. New Orleans was up 41-17 at this point.

And instead of just taking a knee and running out the clock, the Saints seemed to line up in victory formation, only to fake that, run a play, and score another touchdown. That put them up 48-17 after the extra point, and Arthur Smith was not a fan of that when he addressed Saints' head coach Dennis Allen after the game:

Smith clearly was frustrated with Allen, throwing a few expletives his way. And frankly, Arthur Smith is worried about the wrong thing. This is football at the highest level; the NFL is the most competitive, dramatic, and rewarding sport in the history of the world. We are talking about the most competitive human beings on planet Earth. So yeah, if you use this line of thinking, I guess Smith's feelings are warranted.

But again, this is the NFL, teams can do what they want, and Smith should have probably directed his anger more toward his team and coaches for the performance that they put on in Week 18. I think it's kind of silly for coaches to do this type of thing. Why not, just, ya know, stop the other team from scoring? I mean, this reeks of participation trophy behavior to me, but maybe I am wrong here.

Anyway, for the third year in a row, the Falcons will go 7-10, and Smith has been the coach for each of those seasons. It is hard to envision Smith returning to the team in 2024, but you could argue that Smith hasn't had much at QB to work with.