3 NFL teams who need to sign Kirk Cousins in 2024 NFL Offseason

A few NFL teams desperately need to sign Kirk Cousins in the 2024 NFL Offseason
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As crazy as it might sound, there are a few NFL teams who desperately need to sign Kirk Cousins, a soon-to-be 36-year-old QB coming off of a torn Achilles. QB play in the NFL is again in a pretty shaky spot. In 2023, there have been a plethora of backup QBs playing significant amounts of time for their teams.

And there has also been starting QBs playing like backups. It's safe to say that a good chunk of the league will be trying to upgrade their QB position. The best QB who is realistically available in the league this year is Kirk Cousins who is slated to be a free agent. Cousins will be entering his age-36 season in 2024 and is recovering from a torn Achilles he suffered earlier in the year.

The current Minnesota Vikings should be all the way healed by the time Week 1 of 2024 rolls around. Which three teams would need Cousins the most?

3 NFL teams who need to sign Kirk Cousins in 2024 NFL Offseason
1. Pittsburgh Steelers

I genuinely believe that the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Kenny Pickett because he played his college football at Pitt. Pickett is clearly a mid-tier backup type of QB, and neither Mitchell Trubisky nor Mason Rudolph are the long-term answers in Pittsburgh. With the Steelers somehow sitting at 9-7 amidst their horrid QB play this year, it's hard to envision the team not making a huge move to upgrade their QB situation.

And signing Kirk Cousins doesn't mean the Steelers can't also invest a high draft pick in a rookie QB. I'm sure you could sign Cousins for two years, with the second year being more of a team option. It might be the perfect situation for Pittsburgh, who needs to pull the plug on the Kenny Pickett experience.