Former NFL quarterback offers embarrassing take about Bears and Caleb Williams

I mean what are we even doing here?

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Former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III recently offered a truly embarrassing take about the Chicago Bears and Caleb Williams. RG3, on his X account, uploaded an unhinged rant claiming that the Bears totally fumbled the situation with former QB Justin Fields and that Caleb Williams should "pull an Eli Manning" and demand that the Bears don't draft him.

Yes, really. You can listen to this nonsense below:

He also says that Williams could look at the Bears organization and think twice about if they have his best interest at heart. It's just a wild rollercoaster that Griffin takes us through here, and frankly, it's wrong. Firstly, Justin Fields was not and is not a franchise quarterback, so the Bears only being able to get a sixth-rounder is actually not what people are making it seem.

With the Bears likely always drafting Williams, the team probably doesn't have much leverage in trade talks anyway. And for Caleb Williams, who is likely to be drafted by the Bears, he'll actually be entering into a very strong situation for a rookie QB. Bears GM Ryan Poles has, in the last few years, has brought in offensive players like DJ Moore, Keenan Allen, Cole Kmet, Gerald Everett, D'Andre Swift, and has fortified the offensive line with quality players like Braxton Jones, Coleman Shelton, and Darnell Wright.

It's honestly a complete offense. So, the Justin Fields believers now argue that the Bears didn't do enough to build around him, and that Fields would play well in this new-look offense, but Fields also had 40 games to prove that he is a franchise QB, and he failed to do that. Furthermore, Poles made strides to improve the defense, and they ended the 2023 NFL Season on a hot-streak, clearly paving the way to build on that for 2024.

Overall, the Chicago Bears roster is in a great spot for a rookie QB to come in and win with. What Robert Griffin III says in his unhinged rant is just flat-out wrong.