Steelers fans should pullback their expectations for QB Justin Fields

Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

Justin Fields was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers recently, and the NFL landscape needs to severely reign in their expectations for the QB. I have seen so many tweets and other social media posts that say some form of the following:

"Justin Fields can sit behind Russell Wilson for 2024 and take over as the starter in 2025!"

Folks, that isn't going to happen, and for those people, especially Steelers fans, who think that Justin Fields is going to develop into a franchise quarterback, I would advise you to prepare for that to not happen. The second Fields was drafted back in 2021, the media started their heavy-lifting for Fields, saying that the Chicago Bears had "gotten their guy," and how insane it was that Fields fell out of the top 10.

Well, after three failed seasons in Chicago, the Bears did the total opposit of finding their guy in Fields. In fact, they found out the total opposite. In 40 career games, 38 starts, Justin Fields' teams went 10-28. He tossed just 40 touchdowns, 30 interceptions, and had a whopping 38 fumbles. And still, even during this three-year stretch of bottom-five QB play, there were still some firm believers of Justin Fields.

And it makes no sense why that is still the case. Heck, not even the Chicago Bears themselves believe in Justin Fields, as they traded him for a measly sixth-round pick that could turn into a fourth-round pick. Folks, there is a reason why the QB was trade for a sixth-round pick.

Franchise quarterbacks, at minimum, would surely fetch a first-round pick plus more in a trade. I truly don't understand those who are latching onto the belief that Fields simply needs to sit behind Russell Wilson for a year. He's going to magically figure out how to be a franchise quarterback entering his fifth year in the NFL?

To me, it makes no sense, and the expectations for Justin Fields while on the Pittsburgh Steelers should be virtually nothing. He's below-average as a passer and is truly just a much worse version of Russell Wilson, who wasn't great in 2023 but is slated to start for Pittsburgh. Justin Fields is a fun backup; he'll occasionally make the jaw-dropping plays and can at best play serviceable football for a team here and there.

One thing he isn't is a franchise QB in the NFL, and being discarded by the Chicago Bears for a sixth-round pick is more proof of that.