Fox Sports host makes disgusting comment about Dak Prescott

This was really tough to watch...
Washington Commanders v Dallas Cowboys
Washington Commanders v Dallas Cowboys / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

Craig Carton, who hosts a morning show on Fox Sports, made a pretty out-of-bounds comment when discussing Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. I'm not sure what possesses people to say these types of things, especially those who have a huge platform like Craig Carton.

On his show, which airs on FS1, he claims that Dak Prescott becoming a father will be a "distraction" and even goes as far as to ask if the woman whom Prescott is having a baby with is a "gold digger." Here's the clip from his show for more dialogue:

I mean, what are we doing here? What kind of "sports" talk is this? And it does seem like of all players in the NFL, it is Dak Prescott who gets the most criticism, and much of it us unfair. I tend to think dipping into a players' personal life is extremely out of bounds, and Carton did that on his show.

Even some of the other people on the panel with Carton seem thoroughly surprised that he'd make such a comment to Prescott, who is playing the best ball of his career. Through 11 games, Prescott has completed 70% of his passes for 2,935 yards, 23 touchdowns, six interceptions, and has earned a hearty passer rating of 107.3.

Honestly, Prescott should be seen as the favorite to win the MVP thus far. The Dallas Cowboys will soon kick off against the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday Night Football. (I'm writing this piece about two hours before the game starts) and I'd expect the Cowboys to take care of business against the struggling Seahawks.

Anyway, I do think there are valid, on-field criticisms of Prescott. The Cowboys have had very limited playoff success with Prescott as the starting QB, and no one truly seems to know if he is an elite quarterback. I'd go as far as to say that the Cowboys could even move on from Prescott in some capacity if the team falters in the playoffs again.

But I think what Craig Carton said here is totally inappropriate and not something that needs to be out in the sports world. We'll see if he issues some sort of apology for the mis