Free agent quarterback market in 2025 could be absolutely loaded

There could be a ton of QB movement next offseason.
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Free agent quarterback market in 2025 could be absolutely loaded

Jordan Love

Jordan Love's mid-season turnaround in 2023 should earn him an extension, but to be fair, he's not put together a full season of quality play. You just never know here. I am definitely not rooting for Love to regress, but if it happens, why would the Green Bay Packers lock him up for the long-term?

He's got a ton of enticing qualities to his game and could even be an MVP candidate in 2024.

Sam Darnold

Signing a one-year deal with the Minnesota Vikings, Sam Darnold has quietly put some nice play on film over the last two seasons. The way I see it, Darnold needs to enter an insanely secure situation on offense to succeed as a backup, and that could end up being the case in Minnesota for 2024. Darnold could end up being a bridge QB option for a team next offseason.

Tua Tagovailoa

Another QB who has not yet signed a contract extension, Tua Tagovailoa is slated to be a free agent in 2025. An interesting QB, some have argued that he should be having more success with the insane group of play-makers he's got on offense with the Miami Dolphins. Tagovailoa may end up signing a long-term deal, but it's not happened yet.

Justin Fields

One of the worst QBs in the NFL since entering the league in 2021, some people still latch onto the possibility that Justin Fields could make it somehow and turn into a franchise QB. He won't, but he can be a fun backup option for a team, as he's got an elite running ability.

Zach Wilson

Another QB who has been among the worst in the NFL since 2021, Zach Wilson was traded to the Denver Broncos this offseason and could earn the QB2 role. That seems to be the ceiling for Wilson after a failed tenure with the New York Jets. Zach Wilson does have a lively arm and can make off-platform throws, but that's about it.

Jacoby Brissett

The perfect example of a respected, solid backup QB, Jacoby Brissett would be a great option for any team who needs a one-year rental at QB. He's backed up young passers before and has also been a full-time starter. Heck, he's actually a decent QB who teams can win games with. You can't go wrong with Jacoby Brissett, who returned to the New England Patriots in 2024.