Future NFL Hall of Famer gives us inside look at how players react to the schedule

JJ Watt is the best.
Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers
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JJ Watt has to be one of the most likable players in the history of the NFL. Well, he gave us some insider knowledge on how the players look at the schedules. This is actually great information from Watt, who played in the NFL for 12 seasons with the Houston Texans and the Arizona Cardinals. The future Hall of Famer has remained in the spotlight post-football.

One way he's been very informative is through social media. One of his latest posts sheds some light on what the players look at when the NFL schedules come out:

The NFL schedule release time feels like it gets more attention than the NHL playoffs. Well, Watt, who was apart of 12 schedule releases, tells us that players look at a few things when the schedule comes out.

He identifies the first game, bye week, Thursday Night Game, and other games with special circumstances. He outlines those as being an international game, Monday Night Football Game, or even a game in some extreme weather conditions. This is actually quite useful for Watt to share with the public.

The first game and bye week are pretty self-explanatory. "What team can get start on the right foot on against" I bet is how some players look at the first game. And the bye week is another obvious one. This is the lone week during the season that the players get a break, unless they're hurt or have some other situation.

Some teams like the Dallas Cowboys or Kansas City Chiefs, perhaps the two most popular brands in the NFL, might have a ton of primetime games. A team like the Miami Dolphins may have to deal with some extreme weather early in the season. And this would be the same for a cold-weather team later in the season.