Giants QB Tommy DeVito proving how bad Daniel Jones' contract is

The New York Giants should be thankful that Tommy DeVito came around

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants
Green Bay Packers v New York Giants / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

New York Giants QB Tommy DeVito is the latest fad in the NFL, and his success is proving just how atrocious Daniel Jones' contract is. The Giants should have never paid Daniel Jones $40 million per season. It was a bad deal from the beginning and quickly affirmed that belief when Jones took the field in 2023.

Now, the Giants are stuck with Daniel Jones through at least 2024, which isn't terrible, but the Giants truly could have found better production for a fraction of the cost. Jones played in six games in 2023 before tearing his ACL. In those six games, he threw for two touchdowns, six interceptions, and earned a pathetic passer rating of 70.5. Even in his "breakout year" in 2022, Jones passed for 15 touchdowns, five interceptions, and earned a passer rating of 92.5.

Somehow that earned him a massive contract extension. Well, the Giants had to trot out their third-string QB in Tommy DeVito, and he's been nothing short of excellent for them in limited action this year. DeVito has started four games. The Giants have gone 3-1 in those games and DeVito has thrown for 855 yards, eight touchdowns, three interceptions, and has earned a passer rating of 96.5.

The New York Giants also might take a swing on a quarterback this offseason. Going into 2024, the Giants may have to deal with Daniel Jones's mistake of a contract, DeVito potentially proving that he's a franchise passer, and maybe even another QB added to the mix. Some may say that Daniel Jones is still the unquestioned starter of the team, but is he?

And would the Giants truly send Jones to the bench if he were to get outplayed in the offseason? There's obviously no chance that the team could trade him, and this latest regime in NY was likely hoping that year two with Daniel Jones and Brian Daboll would have been a good year to establish themselves after a breakout 2022 season.

Well, Jones' regression and ACL injury prevented that, and his contract also factors into the Giants potentially being a year behind when 2024 rolls around, and it doesn't look like the Eagles and Cowboys are going anywhere. The New York Giants made a huge mistake with Daniel Jones contract, and Tommy DeVito is proving just that in 2023.