Grading the Cowboys embarrassing free agency haul thus far

The Dallas Cowboys free agency haul is, well, underwhelming.

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After Jerry Jones' "all in" comments recently, you'd expect the Dallas Cowboys to do more than they have thus far in free agency. The Cowboys have done virtually nothing in free agency thus far, and at the moment, have signed just one player from another team. This is a far cry from owner Jerry Jones saying the team would be "all in" for 2024.

Perhaps the Dallas Cowboys did try to lure some big-name free agent but weren't able to come away with them for some reason. Perhaps head coach Mike McCarthy being on the last year of his contract is a reason for that. Maybe there could be some massive changes on the horizon for Dallas, and that's why their free agency haul has been bad.

Well, let's give each of their moves a letter grade.

Grading the Cowboys embarrassing free agency haul thus far
1. Re-signing LS Trent Sieg: B

I mean, they need a long-snapper! In all honestly, as little as long-snappers do, their importance to the team is quite huge. All of those go-ahead fourth-quarter field goals that teams have made for as long as the NFL has existed do hinge on the long-snapper getting the ball back cleanly to the holder.

So, having a reliable long-snapper is extremely important, even though the move to re-sign one is just something that happens.

2. Signing LB Eric Kendricks: B+

I actually like this move. OK, so initially, the San Francisco 49ers were actually planning to sign Kendricks, who would have stepped in for Dre Greenlaw, who tragically tore his Achilles in the Super Bowl. Eric Kendricks is not as good as Greenlaw, but he would have greatly softened the blow of his loss.

Well, Kendricks decided he'd rather play for the Dallas Cowboys and signed with them on a one-year deal, reuniting with his former head coach from Minnesota, Mike Zimmer. Zimmer is now the defensive coordinator of the Cowboys after their former DC, Dan Quinn, left to be the head coach of the Washington Commanders.

I think the Dallas Cowboys get a B+ here because Kendricks knows the defense, is still a quality player, and that they basically stole him away from the Niners. However, as a whole, this free agency haul is downright embarrassing for a team that is supposedly "all in" for 2024.