Insane video shows everything wrong with the Seattle Seahawks in 2023

The Seattle Seahawks are broken.
Pittsburgh Steelers v Seattle Seahawks
Pittsburgh Steelers v Seattle Seahawks / Jane Gershovich/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks likely went into the 2023 NFL Season hoping they could build on their breakout 2022 campaign, but that has not been the case. The Seahawks seemed to be a fun team for one year, but they have turned into quite the underperforming squad in 2023. And I do think this video really encapsulates just how poor their team and perhaps effort has been this year:

In the video, you see one of the supposed best players on the Seahawks, CB Riq Woolen. Well, as you can see from the play, a giant pile is moving forward as the Steelers try to punch it in while in the redzone. And what does Woolen do? Well, he kind of just... stands there, nonchalantly, as the piles moves into the endzone.

You really don't see Woolen, a Pro Bowler, make any effort to get in the middle of the play to try and at least slow the pile down. The 2023 Seattle Seahawks seem to be the exact same team as they were in 2022, even with added reinforcements on defense. Geno Smith and the offense have regressed a little bit, and the defense is just no better at all.

There is something wrong with this team. It seems like they can get themselves to a winning record or close to it, but that might be it. Veteran head coach Pete Carroll has had a very good tenure in the NFL as a head coach, but doesn't it kind of feel like a fresh start is needed for both sides? There really isn't much juice to this Seahawks team, and that starts and ends with the head coach.

We'll see what happens in 2024, but this effort, or lack thereof from Riq Woolen, is a perfect metaphor for the team's failed season.