Is Bill Belichick truly not going to get a head coaching job this cycle?

How did this happen?
New England Patriots Press Conference
New England Patriots Press Conference / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots parting ways was not surprising, but the legendary coach not being in line to get a head coaching job this cycle is. I think if you are personally a bit skeptical about Belichick and his place in the NFL, that is valid. Over the last several seasons with the Patriots, Belichick didn't exactly do many favors for himself.

As the general manager and head coach in New England, not having Tom Brady from 2020-2023 revealed the plethora of roster misses by Belichick. And the Patriots, especially in 2023, weren't exactly a well-coached team. However, most teams in the NFL would upgrade if they got rid of their head coach for Belichick, arguably the greatest head coach in the history of sports.

The Atlanta Falcons were the only team that has talked to Belichick thus far, and they recently hired Raheem Morris to be their new head coach. All of a sudden, there isn't a clear opening for Belichick to jump into, as the Washington Commanders and Seattle Seahawks seem to be going in different directions.

So, what is next for Bill Belichick? Right now, there is no clear indication what he could do in 2024 if he is not offered a HC gig. Could he sit out one year and hop back in during next cycle? Sure, but he'd have to compete with a slew of other new candidates, and Belichick being another year into his 70s might turn teams off.

Could he take a defensive coordinator position? I suppose he could. Belichick feels like someone who wants to coach football until he can hardly walk, so I would personally find it hard to believe that he'd sit out one year. And if he sits out a year and does not land a HC gig next cycle, he effectively wasted a year of coaching.

A six-time Super Bowl-winning head coach, Bill Belichick's days in the NFL are running out, but he surely has a few years left.