Is it time to have a tough conversation about Eagles' QB Jalen Hurts?

Eagles' QB Jalen Hurts has not had the best of seasons in 2023.
Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks
Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

After being a viable MVP candidate in 2022, Eagles' QB Jalen Hurts is enduring a rough season and perhaps isn't quite as good as some people think. Is it time to have a tough conversation about the QB? In 2022, Hurts was efficient through the air and on the ground. He had a 101.5 passer rating and only tossed six interceptions. He also was responsible for 35 total touchdowns.

in 2023, while he's rushed for 14 touchdowns already, he's been pretty pedestrian through the air and is currently enduring a three-game losing streak along with his Eagles' teammates. It's been an odd year for Philadelphia. They still stand at 10-4, will make the playoffs, and still might win the division, but this team isn't nearly as good as they were last year.

In fact, they only have a +18 point differential, and according to Pro Football Reference, their Expected Win/Loss is 7.4-6.6, so essentially, this is a 7-7 team that were able to win some close games earlier in the season. Offensively, the team is one-dimensional, and the defense is simply awful.

Having a new offensive and defensive coordinator in 2023 is certainly a part of this, but QB Jalen Hurts is also playing poorly. He's thrown 19 touchdowns on 12 interceptions. His 12 interceptions is double what he threw last year, and his passer rating has dropped to 89.9. The Eagles have three games left, two of which come against the New York Giants, and one comes against the Arizona Cardinals.

Honestly, I think this team is in for at least one more loss and looks like they're about to limp into the playoffs. I recently wrote about if this team would truly go one-and-done in the postseason, and I think they could. Right now, they hold the fifth seed in the NFC, which means they would travel to play in the Wild Card round.

Right now, they'd face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and I'm not sure Philly wins that game. QB Baker Mayfield is playing out of his mind, and the Bucs have won three in a row. This is a down year for Philly even with their 10-4 record, which shouldn't fool anyone. By most metrics, this team is monumentally average, and their QB is having a down year. Sell your Eagles' stock.