It's do or die for these three teams approaching the 2024 NFL Season

These teams have no choice but to go all-in for 2024.
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

Even though we're over four months away from the beginning of the 2024 NFL Season, there are clearly some teams where it's "now or never." The stakes are very high for a few teams approaching the offseason. Right now, since the draft is over, there will be a good bit of minicamps and other mandatory events for players.

There's also going to be a bit of downtime as well, but the preseason schedule will quickly approach. There are a handful of teams who are under immense pressure for the 2024 NFL Season, and three of them stick out as being the most urgent. Could these three teams be in a "do or die" situation approaching 2024?

It's do or die for these three teams approaching the 2024 NFL Season
1. Dallas Cowboys

This is self-explanatory. The Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, made those "all in" comments earlier this offseason, which excited Cowboys fans. However, Dallas hasn't exactly made moves that would indicate they are truly all in. It's an interesting situation for the team, as both Dak Prescott and Mike McCarthy are in the last year of their deals.

With them hardly making any moves in free agency, you have to wonder if Jerry Jones is giving the Dak/McCarthy duo one last shot. If they again falter in the playoffs, it's hard to envision the two remaining in Dallas for the long-term.

2. New Orleans Saints

Hey, guess what? The Saints are again projected to be way over the cap in 2025. At some point, this has to catch up with them, and at some point, they need to do more winning, or people will be out of a job. It's just that simple. Fortunately, they can sort of get out of Derek Carr's contract next offseason, but they're likely to keep him for at least two more seasons.

Being irrelevant ever since Sean Payton left and continuing to try and make moves to compete, the Saints are grasping at straws and should look at 2024 as being the "do or die" year for the organization. There is nothing wrong with a rebuild.

3. New York Jets

The Aaron Rodgers era is effectively beginning in 2024, not 2023. Rodgers popped his Achilles just a handful of plays into the season, putting an immediate end to the Jets season. Well, with Rodgers being 40 years old and coming off a major injury, they have to approach each year they have with Rodgers as being perhaps the last.

Aaron Rodgers probably doesn't want to retire anytime soon, but he turns 41 late this year and will have to endure the inevitable decline at some point. It happens with every single QB, and Rodgers is no exception. With the Jets not having a clear succession plan in place, it's really do or die for the team.