Jerry Jones "all in" comments aren't sitting well with Cowboys fans so far

Jerry Jones previously said that the Dallas Cowboys would be "all in" for 2024, but the team's moves thus far don't indicate that.

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones previously said the team would be "all in" for 2024, but Dallas has done virtually nothing in free agency to indicate that. In the last three regular seasons, the Cowboys have gone 12-5. And in the last three seasons, they have failed to win more than one playoff game.

Consistently fielding one of the most talented rosters in football, the Cowboys continually crumble when it matters most. Sure, Dak Prescott probably takes some blame, but a lot of the blame could fall on owner Jerry Jones as well, the most vocal and perhaps most frustrating owner in the NFL.

Earlier in the offseason, he had indicated that the team would be going "all in" for 2024. So, as Cowboys fan could have reasonably expected, the team would have made a few free agency signings at this point, right? Wrong. In fact, the only free agency move at this point has been to re-sign.

*check notes*

Their longsnapper, Trent Sieg. Yes, the longsnapper. And yes, people within Cowboys World have reacted accordingly:

You have to feel for the fanbase at this point. Jerry Jones and his front office employees have truly done well building the team. I mean, they have continually found studs in the NFL Draft and don't usually make massively silly free agent signings. However, when the owner says for the entire world to hear that the team is going all in for 2024, fans expect that.

The most notable thing Dallas is likely doing this offseason is extending Dak Prescott. Stud WR CeeDee Lamb also needs a contract extension as well, but with the top free agents already off the board, it might be hard for the Dallas Cowboys to field a notably better roster than they did last year.

And with former defensive coordinator Dan Quinn leaving to be the head coach of the Washington Commanders, there might be a regression on that side of the ball as Mike Zimmer brings in his scheme.