Jerry Jeudy trade rumors: 5 landing spots for Broncos WR at deadline

Where could Jerry Jeudy land at the 2023 NFL trade deadline?

Denver Broncos, Jerry Jeudy
Denver Broncos, Jerry Jeudy / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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Jerry Jeudy trade rumors are heating up once again. The former first-round pick out of Alabama was the subject of a variety of trade rumors in the offseason, and now that teams are playing games, GMs around the league are circling the Denver Broncos like vultures waiting for them to sell, sell, sell. And at 1-4 (at the time of this writing) with a chance to drop to 1-5 against the Chiefs on Thursday, the Broncos feel like one of the likeliest "selling" teams in the league.

Jerry Jeudy, whose 5th-year contract option for 2024 was exercised by the Broncos, is one of the team's most valuable assets and could help them recoup some needed NFL Draft capital before the 2023 NFL trade deadline. But the Broncos won't be in a hurry to trade Jeudy, as much as teams are going to want to acquire him quickly. The right offer has to come along.

Which teams will be most aggressive for Jerry? Let's take a look at five teams that have been connected to Jeudy, or make sense for the Denver Broncos WR as we head into Week 6 action.

5 teams that should trade for Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy in 2023

1. San Francisco 49ers

I tend to believe, at this point, that the San Francisco 49ers are in on just about every possible deal. They don't just spend draft picks like there's no tomorrow, but they do take calculated risks on good players. The most recent, notable example of this for them would obviously be the Christian McCaffrey trade. McCaffrey was on the block and the 49ers pounced when they felt the price was right.

And look at how that trade has worked out. The 49ers don't necessarily need a player like Jeudy, but with Brock Purdy on just the second year of his rookie deal, the 49ers can afford luxuries all over the roster right now. This is a prime window to compete, and they would not miss the 2nd-round pick or whatever it might cost them to get Jeudy.

Plus, the line of communication between the Broncos and 49ers has been wide open since John Lynch took over as 49ers GM.