Judging the biggest overreactions from NFL Week 4

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
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NFL Week 4 Overreaction #2: "Detroit Lions are the best team in the NFC North"

Dan Campbell's enthusiasm continues to change the dynamics in the Detroit Lions locker room. Losing is no longer a part of the franchise culture. They've won five of the last six regular season games. Jared Goff is a catalyst for the team's success. He ranks fourth in passing grades (81) and third in offensive rating (84.9). It's helped the Lions take control of the NFC North in the early stages of the new campaign.

Clinching a division title will be a dream for loyal Lion fans. In 1993, Barry Sanders led his team to a division title. It's been 31 years since the last celebration. The stars are aligned for Campbell's group to shock the league this year. Detroit ranks third in passing (81) and offensive (79.9) ratings. They've earned the fifth-highest overall rating (84.3) and are hungry to improve.

Competition in the division will heat up at the end of the season. Justin Jefferson and the Minnesota Vikings are experiencing hiccups but will find their grove shortly. In Green Bay, Jordan Love continues to show signs of development. The season is far from over, and the Lions are not in the clear.