Justin Fields just punched his ticket out of Chicago

There's no coming back from this take as a Chicago athlete...

Justin Fields
Justin Fields / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

The decision by the Chicago Bears to move on from Justin Fields may not be an easy one, depending on how high they were on what he did last season or how much they like the available quarterbacks in the 2024 NFL Draft. For many Chicago Bears fans, the discussion over whether or not the team should continue to roll with Justin Fields has been polarizing, to say the least.

There are some fans who are buying the progression from last season while others see a franchise that infamously passed on Patrick Mahomes and now CJ Stroud, and can't afford to pass on another possible overnight superstar at the position. Both lines of thinking are understandable. But for some Chicago Bears fans, Justin Fields' basketball takes might be the last straw when it comes to whether or not they're going to continue to go to bat for him.

As funny as it may be, this kind of thing could turn a portion of the fan base on Fields. He was recently on a podcast with the St. Brown brothers and was asked the infamous "LeBron vs. MJ" question. His response isn't exactly going to endear him to fans of both the Bears and Bulls.

This is such a triggering debate for so many people, but it's not an uncommon response for people born 1999 or later, such as Fields (who was born in '99). You've got to cut the guy some slack. Jordan was done playing for the Bulls before he was even born, and he's grown up with LeBron James as many "grew up" with MJ.

Still, when you're a prominent athlete in Chicago, this might be something you just lie about. White Sox fans will get over it if you're a Cubs fan, and vice versa. But if you choose LeBron over MJ? Well, you might just have a bunch of fans now trying to run you out of town.

Obviously, this will have no actual impact on whether or not the Bears decide to move on from Fields. It might have an actual impact on how many Bears fans actually want to see Fields back in Chicago, though. And ultimately, Fields is entitled to like whatever athletes he wants. Caleb Williams also might think LeBron James is the GOAT, and Bears fans could end up welcoming him with open arms.

But doesn't it feel like Fields is done with the Bears? He unfollowed the team on Instagram, citing the fact that he doesn't want football stuff on his IG feed. He called LeBron the GOAT over Michael Jordan. More notable than anything, if you listen to the entire interview with Fields (recommended) I think you can just tell that he's ready to move on.


The Bears have a new offensive coaching staff, and the noise about them going a different direction at QB perhaps has Fields wishing they just would.

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