Justin Fields trade market might come crashing down soon

Justin Fields probably isn't good enough to be a starting QB in the NFL, and his trade market might soon reveal that.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields might find himself on a new team in 2024, and his potential trade market might not be as hot as some think. Fields is from Georgia. He played college football at Georgia for one year, and it just s happens that the Atlanta Falcons need a franchise QB. However, while the connections are obvious, Justin Fields joining the Falcons or frankly, having multiple teams bid for his services simply might not happen.

First of all, Justin Fields would not be a good fit for the Falcons and new head coach Raheem Morris and their new OC, Zac Robinson. Coming from the Shanahan tree, we'd likely see the Falcons run that type of offense, which is big on rhythm and timing. Unfortunately for Fields, that's not the type of QB he is. Fields is best out of structure, and has never been great as a passer.

There's also this from Adam Schefter:

Schefter indicated that there might not be a long line of teams wanting to trade for Justin Fields, and why should there be? He's been a mediocre QB for his three years in the NFL and is a sub-par 10-28 as a starter with 40 touchdown passes and 30 interceptions. In three seasons in the NFL, what exactly are the Justin Fields believers waiting for?

Overall, I do truly believe a large chunk of the media is doing a lot of heavy lifting for Justin Fields, and it's puzzling as to why it's happening. Right now, it's hard to envision him being a locked-in starter for the 2024 NFL Season. I think the most likely scenario is a team trading for Fields for a modest pick, perhaps a mid-rounder, and placing him into a QB competition.

Teams who don't have a top pick in the 2024 NFL Draft and who also need a franchise QB may be a good spot for Justin Fields to land. Two teams that fit that criteria in my opinion would be the Minnesota Vikings and Las Vegas Raiders, but I think the Vikings are a lot like the Falcons offensively, so that destination might not make a lot of sense.

Ultimately, only time will tell us what happens with Justin Fields.