5 changes Chiefs need to make before it's too late

Losers in three of their last five games, the Chiefs have to figure it out.
Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes
Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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5. Limit sacks in the red zone, come away with touchdowns

Sunday night, Patrick Mahomes was sacked multiple times once the Chiefs got within striking distance. It isn't something we're used to seeing. Now, being without Donovan Smith certainly didn't help, as he's a much better pass blocker than anyone the Chiefs could have thrown out there in his place. But, Mahomes was still pressured at a high rate from all over the defensive line and especially when they got into the red zone.

Mahomes' three sacks on Sunday night came when the Chiefs were well within scoring distance: once at the Packers' 5-yard line, once at the Packers' 9-yard line and another at the Packers' 11-yard line. That simply cannot happen. Whether or not the Chiefs were ready for that type of pressure, Mahomes can't allow that to happen, and neither can the offensive line.

In addition, Mahomes' lone interception came in the fourth quarter when things really mattered the most and the Chiefs were in Green Bay territory. Late in the game, especially if the Chiefs are down, we're not accustomed to seeing Mahomes give it away. Instead, we're used to seeing the exact opposite.