Lamar Jackson getting trolled by NBA community after playoff no-show

Not even the eventual MVP can escape the harshest of trolling
Lamar Jackson
Lamar Jackson / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

Losing to the Kansas City Chiefs in the postseason is hardly condemnable, but the NFL world had much more in mind from Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens, who were only able to score 10 points at home against Kansas City despite having the best point differential in the league all year.

Jackson completed just 54.1 percent of his passes against the Chiefs with a touchdown and an interception. He was sacked four times and had just 54 rushing yards on eight attempts. The Chiefs shut the Ravens down in every possible way in this game and forced Jackson and the Ravens to really abandon the identity that made them great offensively all season.

Unfortunately for Lamar Jackson, the spotlight that gets put on you in the playoffs has caused Jackson to come under some fire from even the NBA community. Nobody loves a good troll job like NBA fans, and one that caught fire as of Sunday night was comparing Lamar Jackson to NBA MVP Joel Embiid, who is notorious for regular season success and postseason failure.

There is no question that Lamar Jackson played MVP-caliber football throughout the 2023 regular season. He passed for 3,678 yards and 24 touchdowns with just seven interceptions. He added 821 rushing yards and five more touchdowns on the ground.

Jackson was sensational all year for the Ravens after signing his huge contract, but the game against the Chiefs was inexcusable. It was the first time Jackson had been playing with a 10-point deficit in over two calendar years.

Not that you want to be used to being down by 10 points, but it looked like the Ravens were not the more prepared team. They abandoned their identity as a running team. Jackson appeared hesitant to use his legs at times. Baltimore was completely out of sync offensively when it comes to play sequencing and execution.

Ultimately, that falls on the coaching and quarterback. Lamar Jackson isn't the reason Zay Flowers fumbled the ball at the goal line, but you can't blame the entire loss on that play, either. This was about four quarters of missed opportunities for that Ravens offense.

Are the comparisons to Joel Embiid warranted? Well, people dislike Embiid for a lot more than just not showing up in the postseason, so I would say not, but it's still pretty funny. Unless you're a Ravens fan, that is.