Latest NFL Power Rankings see Chiefs, Jaguars fall big time

-Defending Super Bowl Champions falling big-time

-Panthers still proving to be awful

-Broncos Country is riding!

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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24. New York Jets (5-8)

The New York Jets got a nice win against a playoff contender in the Houston Texans, and Zach Wilson was pretty freakin’ good in the dub.  The Jets are still what they’ve been all season, and that’s a team with a bad offensive line, below-average wide receivers, and a bad QB.  One game where they don’t look awful doesn’t change the big picture.

23. Chicago Bears (5-8)

Very quietly, the Chicago Bears have looked very good over the last few weeks.  The defense has played much better lately and the offense is consistently moving the ball.  I don’t think this team should pass up on the chance to draft Caleb Williams, but the team is showing a ton of improvement lately, which might be good news for the current players on the roster.

22. Seattle Seahawks (6-7)

I guess those who wrote off Geno Smith and the Seattle Seahawks are expecting some mail soon.  Smith didn’t play in Week 14, but the Seahawks have seen a ton of regression from their veteran passer and have lost four games in a row, and it feels like their playoff chances are gone.

21. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-6)

Come on, man.  This Pittsburgh Steelers team somehow still sits in a playoff spot but are so clearly not a playoff team.  They’ve lost three of their last four since beginning the year 6-3.  Eventually, not having a legitimate QB does catch up to you.