Los Angeles Chargers: Is it time to question QB Justin Herbert?

Besides pretty statistics, what exactly has Justin Herbert done for his team?

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers
Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Is it time to stop making excuses for Justin Herbert and truly begin to wonder if the QB is as good as some think he is? Is Herbert... overrated? Sure, quarterbacks aren't the lone position that has an impact on the game, but there's a reason why the position is so popular, the highest paid, and often the most scapegoated.

Justin Herbert is one of the most physically talented quarterbacks in the NFL. He's top-five in that regard, and his largely been excellent in the regular season. Through 54 career games, he's thrown for 15,422 yards, 103 touchdowns, 37 interceptions, and has earned a passer rating of 96.7. He throws for 285.6 yards per game and has also made a Pro Bowl.

Here's the issue, though; not only have the Chargers not had a true team identity during Herbert's career, but Herbert himself hasn't exactly proven to be the solution in LA. He's obviously not the problem, either, but that's the problem. Right now, the Chargers have the second-highest paid QB in NFL history, but he's never really shown much outside of being really good stasitcially.

Sure, wins are not a QB stat, but the elite QBs in the NFL are able to win more than they lose. They're often able to will their teams to victory in certain weeks. Quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow, and Jalen Hurts have all won more than they've lost in the NFL, and that's not some silly coincidence.

And to be honest, has Justin Herbert even gotten better as a QB? He was very good as a rookie, and there doesn't appear to be much more to Herbert in year four. He doesn't have a signature win, has only led his team to the playoffs once, and doesn't really do anything special outside of having an excellent arm.

Even statistically, he's stayed about the same in terms of offensive output. People seem to get hooked on the throws that he makes about once a game or his ability to throw on the run, but Herbert doesn't possess any sort of "I'm him" qualities if you catch my drift. Patrick Mahomes is often known for making chicken salad out of chicken you know what and has one two NFL MVP awards.

Josh Allen is known for using his legs and is often 75% of the Buffalo Bills' offense on a given day. Joe Burrow is known for never really getting to high no matter the circumstances and has led his team deep into the playoffs multiple times. And even Lamar Jackson is often carrying a majority of the load on offense for his Ravens' team.

Justin Herbert... throws it far?

Folks, I think Justin Herbert might be overrated.