Minnesota Vikings might not make a move for a QB during the 2024 NFL Draft

Perhaps the Minnesota Vikings aren't going to make a move for a QB during the 2024 NFL Draft.
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The Minnesota Vikings have two first-round picks and also have a huge need for a franchise quarterback, but they also just might not make a move for a QB during the 2024 NFL Draft. There was some indication that it was the Houston Texans who intially called up the Vikings about the recent draft pick trade that went down.

The Texans traded down from their 23rd overall pick, gave it to the Vikings, and netted some extra capital. The Texans then traded for Stefon Diggs. Many people look at this trade as solely because the Vikings wanted the extra capital to move up in the 2024 NFL Draft for a quarterback. Sure, that still might be the case, but what if that isn't their plan?

They signed Sam Darnold to a deal that pays him $10 million, and Darnold is still in his mid-20s. He's shown some competent QB play over the past couple of seasons, and Minnesota might want want to potentially overpay to move up the draft board. It may sound silly right now, but with two first-round picks, Minnesota could use those to get two blue-chip prospets.

Heck, if they don't move up for a QB in the NFL Draft, nothing would stop them from even moving down and acquiring more picks. They could do just that and target someone like Bo Nix in the second round. I don't necessarily believe that just because they have a lot of draft capital that they plan on mortgaging it for a QB.

Head coach Kevin O'Connell and his staff have proven to be able to win with marginal at best QBs, and Darnold isn't some "bum" if you will. At the end of the day, I do expect the Vikings front office to at least make an attempt to move up during the 2024 NFL Draft for a quarterback, but do not be surprised if it ultimately does not get done.