3 Vikings who need to be traded to start building for the future

Minnesota Vikings, Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings, Kirk Cousins / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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3. Kirk Cousins, QB

Of course, when it comes to trade talk and the Minnesota Vikings, quarterback Kirk Cousins is going to pop up in conversations. Cousins is also in the final year of his deal with the Vikings and, if Minnesota is truly going nowhere, then it might be time to move on while the organization can get something in return.

There have already been reports of Cousins sticking around for the rest of the year, but as quarterback injuries mount around the league, and teams start to get more desperate to compete, Minnesota might have to reconsider.

A team like the Jets very well could compete for a Super Bowl if they had Cousins under center rather than Zach Wilson. Of course, their Plan A didn't work out with Aaron Rodgers suffering a torn Achilles in Week 1.

Even a team like the Falcons could call about Cousins and be a whole lot better off, with Cousins being more than capable of utilizing weapons like Drake London and Kyle Pitts. Should a team call with an offer that's as high as a second-round pick, Minnesota absolutely needs to pull the trigger, especially if they lose to San Francisco and drop to 2-5 this weekend.