Nepotism NBA player makes ridiculous comments about the NFL

How ridiculous.
Minnesota Timberwolves v Golden State Warriors
Minnesota Timberwolves v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

NBA player Austin Rivers made quite the ridiculous statement about NBA players and NFL athletes. He can't be serious, right? Sometimes you just have to wonder what goes through their minds when they make such insane, and flat-out wrong statements. In an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Austin Rivers, an NBA player, had this to say:

Hah, how about this nonsense? Not only is it wrong, he's got it totally flipped. In a league where players flop just because they got breathed on, NBA players would not last a second in the NFL. The neat thing about many NFL athletes is that their athleticism does truly overlap into things beyond football.

Even backup QBs could probably carve out a reserve role on NBA teams. Check out New York Giants QB Drew Lock's basketball highlights:

And I have not even mentioned former basketball players like Antonio Gates, Jimmy Graham, Julius Peppers, Darren Fells, Julius Thomas, Tony Gonzalez, and Mo Alie-Cox. Not only would NBA players not last a second in the NFL, but their toughest is definitely in question. One thing that they might have an advantage over NFL players in is stamina, but even the biggest NBA players like LeBron James and Anthony Davis tend to embellish on the court and can be quite injury-prone.

Basketball is not a contact sport, yet you always see NBA players taking "load management" days. For NFL players, that doesn't exist; they get taped up, get numbed out, and hit the field. Austin Rivers' comments are just wrong in every single way, no matter how you slice it. Future NFL Hall of Famer JJ Watt absolutely owned Rivers with his own clap-back:

Man, if I'm Austin Rivers, I am really re-thinking what I said and perhaps speaking with some logic next time. Now, if you wanted to compare NFL and NHL players, that is valid. NHL players might be the toughest people in all of sports, but comparing the NBA to the NFL is just silliness.