New Steelers quarterback room could again look different after 2024 season

Both Russell Wilson and Justin Fields could easily not be on the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2025.

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Steelers remade their QB room with Russell Wilson and Justin Fields, but both passers could easily not be on the team after the 2024 NFL Season. The QB room was so dire in 2023 for the Steelers that any form of an upgrade is going to be gassed up more than it should, and that's what has happened with Wilson and Fields.

The Steelers somehow went 10-7 in 2023 with Kenny Pickett, Mitchell Trubisky, and Mason Rudolph at QB. The team decided that none of them were good enough to remain on their roster. Pickett was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. Trubisky was cut and signed with the Buffalo Bills, and Rudolph signed with the Tennessee Titans.

In comes Russell Wilson and Justin Fields, two QBs who were discarded by their former teams. Well, in 2023, Russell Wilson tossed 26 touchdowns against eight interceptions for the Denver Broncos, but the Broncos' passing game was among the most inefficient in the NFL, and there is a clear reason why the Broncos are planning on eating a record amount of dead cap money to move on from Wilson.

He simply wasn't nearly as good as he statistics indicate. And for Justin Fields, well, he's never been a viable starting QB in the NFL, as his teams have won just 10 of his 38 career starts. With the Chicago Bears in a perfect position to draft Caleb Williams, Fields was only able to net the Bears a sixth-round pick.

While this QB room is a bit of an upgrade over their 2023 QB room, I think both Wilson and Fields could easily not be on the team in 2025 for the Steelers. Both passers are slated to be free agents in 2025, and I'd be shocked if the Steelers picked up Fields' fifth-year option. There is a distinct possibility that both Russell Wilson and Justin Fields are both simply not going to be good in 2024, which may again force the Pittsburgh Steelers to start over at the position.

And to make matters worse, Arthur Smith is running their offense, and he's not exactly an elite offensive mind, so I think quite a bit is going to have to go their way in 2024 to warrant a return for 2025.