New York Giants: Daniel Jones tears ACL, where do G-Men go from here?

A bad season for the New York Giants has gotten much, much worse.
New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders
New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders / Ian Maule/GettyImages

It was confirmed today that New York Giants' QB Daniel Jones has torn his ACL and will miss the rest of the 2023 NFL Season. Where do the Giants go from here? Perhaps one of the most injured teams the NFL has seen in years just got more injured. Their starting QB will now miss the rest of the season. Jones suffered a torn ACL in Week 9 versus the Las Vegas Raiders.

This year has been a total disaster for the Giants. They lost seven games all of last year and have already lost seven games this year. Head coach Brian Daboll has to be beside himself; and truly, where do the Giants go from here? They currently hold the 3rd overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. That slot might not be high enough to land Caleb Williams or Drake Maye, but it may be high enough to land a blue-chip, high-end prospect, a type of player that the Giants don't have.

And if we're being honest, they should be targeting a QB here. Jones' 2022 season was pedestrian at best, and for some reason, he was rewarded with a $160 million contract. That contract was a bad decision from the moment it was signed, and the Giants are currently getting 0 return on that investment. Tommy DeVito, the 67th-string QB, seems to be the one who will take the reigns at QB for the rest of the season for the team.

So, I do think the Giants could lose their way into the top pick. The Arizona Cardinals are about to trot Kyler Murray back out there, and even though the Giants might not be the worst team in the NFL roster-wise, DeVito is going to give them a chance to lose each week. Contractually, the Giants are stuck with Daniel Jones.

They are stuck with him through the 2024 season, so he's going to be back next year unless a team is desperate enough to trade for him, which won't happen. I think the New York Giants shouldn't wait around and try to make Danny Pennies work. GM Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll should put themselves in position to get their franchise QB.

But the other huge part here that I haven't yet mentioned is just how bad the roster is overall. The offensive line is horrid; the wide receivers are below average and the defense is just meh.

This is shaping up to be a massive rebuild for the team, beginning just one year after going 9-7-1 and winning a playoff game.