New York Giants: Is Tyrod Taylor worthy of replacing Daniel Jones as starting QB after MNF performance?

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
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Winning is not guaranteed in the NFL. Franchises work hard throughout the off-season to strengthen their odds of a productive season. The New York Giants are waiting patiently for their efforts to pay off. A 1-5 record is not worthy of a post-season run. Brian Daboll and his staff are searching for a ray of hope. They were defeated on Sunday Night by the Buffalo Bills. It was their best performance of the season, and Daniel Jones did not play.

Will Tyrod Taylor give the Giants a better chance of clinching the playoffs?

New York Giants: Daniel Jones is having a horrible regular season

A new contract extension led many to believe New York had found their franchise quarterback. Daniel Jones signed a new four-year deal worth $160 million. Joe Schoen's front office offered the fifth-year quarterback an extension before superstar running back Saquon Barkley. The negotiations showed New York's priorities. They believed Jones was the centerpiece of the future. Barkley was just a weapon to help the gunslinger develop.

A 1-5 start to the season changed the Giants' perspective. Mike Kafka's offense is one of the worst units in the league. They rank last in points scored (71) and offensive grading (54.6). Daniel Jones has yet to move the football down the field. He ranks 31st in passing grade (57.4) and second in times sacked (28). His six interceptions outshine the two touchdowns he's thrown. He's been one of many things holding the Giants back from reaching their potential this season.

New York Giants: Tyrod Taylor almost led the New York Giants to a comeback victory

A Sunday Night matchup against the Buffalo Bills was the Giants' biggest test thus far. Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs are known to score points. It was up to New York's' offense to match their output. Daniel Jones' neck injury forced the Giants offense to rely on Tyrod Taylor. His veteran poise and leadership helped Kafka's group maintain focus throughout four quarters. They were not perfect but showed significant improvement against a worthy opponent. Taylor limited turnovers and moved the offense downfield. Time management mistakes cost the Giants and kept Taylor out of the endzone.

Sunday night's results were not surprising. The Bills are a better team than the Giants. It was clear before kick-off. Daniel Jones' injury was another reason to believe Sean McDermott's unit would succeed. The Giants were one play away from winning despite these odds. Tyrod Taylor performed better than most starters and almost led his team to a Monday Night upset.

There is plenty of football left in the NFL regular season. The New York Giants sit at the bottom of the division but have time to turn things around. A quarterback swap could be the perfect way to change the course of the season. Tyrod Taylor helped Mike Kafka's offense find a rhythm against a top-tier defense. The Giants did not win, but it was their best performance this season.

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