NFC North 2024 power rankings if Chicago Bears draft Caleb Williams

How will the NFC North look if the Chicago Bears draft Caleb Williams?
Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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3. Green Bay Packers

Yes, I am going to have the Green Bay Packers as the third-best team in the NFC North if the Bears do draft Caleb Williams. The Packers OL is a bit of a concern, and so is whether or not their young play-makers on offense can actually take a leap in their respective developments in 2024. Their defense typically underperforms pretty much every year, so this team is not without a few flaws.

While I think they are a good, young team, they won't be as good as the second-place team in 2024.

2. Chicago Bears

Rejoice, Bears fans. I struggle to find a notable roster hole with this team with Caleb Williams in the picture. The defense ended the year on a hot streak and only got better this offseason. I find it hard to believe they will decline. And with the additions on offense made by GM Ryan Poles, all that is truly missing is the QB.

Sure, the Bears could stand to add another player on the offensive line, but it's not a bad unit by any means, and there will be a lot of promise with this team for the long-term if Caleb Williams ends up being the real deal.

1. Detroit Lions

Yeah, this should not be a discussion at all. The Detroit Lions are the defending NFC North champions and will likely repeat. Their struggling defense did add better players this offseason including CB Carlton Davis and defensive tackle DJ Reader, so the Lions are firmly in the driver's seat to not only repeat as division champions, but even be a Super Bowl team.