NFL blesses its fans with insanely enticing Christmas Day game in 2024 season

Thank you, NFL.
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens / Kirby Lee/GettyImages

The NFL has gotten a good bit wrong when it comes to schedule making, but one thing is for sure; one of their Christmas Day matchups is just perfection. The huge downside here is that the game will exclusively be on Netflix, but nonetheless, it'll be a great showdown:

In a battle of two top-four QBs, both CJ Stroud and Lamar Jackson might have a ton at stake when the Texans and Ravens meet in 2024. Firstly, both squads may be wrapped up in tight divisional races, and beyond that, trying to get the best possible seeding in the AFC playoff race. Furthermore, both players are going to be clear MVP candidates as well.

So not only do you have playoff stakes, but you may also have MVP stakes in this game as well. CJ Stroud burst onto the scene during his rookie season in 2023. He helped lead the Houston Texans into the postseason, and they even won a playoff game. However, Stroud and the Texans got a full dosage of Lamar Jackson and the Ravens.

The Ravens blew the doors off of the Texans, but did anyone think Houston was going to make a deep run to the Divisional Round? Not a chance. With Houston adding way more talent than Baltimore this offseason, I tend to think that the Texans are the better team right now.

Both teams are firmly in the Super Bowl contender mix, but both teams will also have to deal with the Kansas City Chiefs at some point. So after you wake up and celebrate Christmas this year however you do that, you have the incredible opportunity to watch two of the best teams in the NFL in what could be a game with insanely high stakes.

The NFL got it right with the Texans and Ravens in Week 17.