NFL Draft order if season ended today: QBs could go in the top 3 picks

Here who would pick in the top 10 of the 2024 NFL Draft if the season ended today.
Duke v North Carolina
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If the 2023 NFL Season ended today, the top 10 draft order could feature a plethora of teams who could either stand pat or trade up to draft a quarterback. There is still one more week of NFL football left, but the top 10 draft order is probably going to look a lot like it does now. There are so many teams who want a stab at the top QBs in the 2024 class.

There are also teams who have solidified QBs in their building but need to build around them instead. Let's look at the current top 10 draft order as it stands as we approach Week 18.

NFL Draft order if season ended today: QBs could go in the top 3 picks
1st Overall - Chicago Bears (via CAR)

The Chicago Bears have the first overall pick thanks to the Carolina Panthers, and what the Bears plan on doing with this pick will dictate how the rest of the top 10 will go. I personally think they should trade Justin Fields and reset at QB with Caleb Williams

2nd Overall - Washington Commanders

If there was any team that was going to take a QB, no doubt, it's the Washington Commanders. Sam Howell has thrown one more touchdown than interception this year and has been horrid over the second half of the season. Massive change is coming to Washington.

3rd Overall - New England Patriots

Another team that needs to take a QB with this pick, the New England Patriots are in need of a ton of talent on offense, and they won't fill all of that talent in one offseason, but getting the QB right in 2024 would be a great start.

4th Overall - Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have a franchise QB in the building in Kyler Murray and also need a huge influx of talent here. I could see the Cardinals trading down from this pick to acquire more capital and to give themselves more throws on the dart board.

5th Overall - New York Giants

Just because the New York Giants have Daniel Jones under a huge contract, does not mean they won't take a QB. I bet they take TE Brock Bowers or a wide receiver, but QB is the more urgent need for this team.

6th Overall - Los Angeles Chargers

I think the Los Angeles Chargers are going to make a splashy head-coaching hire this offseason, and they could build on that by adding a stud wide receiver in the 2024 NFL Draft.

7th Overall - Tennessee Titans

Will Levis is going to get year two in Tennessee to show he can be the franchise QB, but the Titans need so much help at wide receiver and along the offensive line. Left tackle should be the move here.

8th Overall - New York Jets

I think this is yet another team that could draft a top-tier tackle or WR prospect with their first-round pick. For the sake of Aaron Rodgers not running for his life in 2024, they should go left tackle here.

9th Overall - Atlanta Falcons

Yet ANOTHER team that could take a QB with their first-round pick. This is a deep QB class and I don't necessarily think that the Falcons would need to move up to get their guy unless it's Caleb Williams or Drake Maye.

10th Overall - Chicago Bears (Own pick)

Hey look, it's the Bears again! I think if they draft a QB with the No. 1 overall pick, they double-down on offense and take an OL or WR prospect with this pick.