NFL Free Agency: Where the top remaining free agents should sign

There are still a ton of quality free agents left. Where should they sign?

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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NFL Free Agency: Where the top remaining free agents should sign

David Bakhtiari - Kansas City Chiefs

Formerly the premier left tackle in the NFL, David Bakhtiari has hardly played over the last handful of seasons and is a free agent. Still only 32, Bakhtiari "plans to play" in 2024:

A team like the Chiefs have had some inconsistencies at left tackle over the last few seasons, and perhaps they feel like Bakhtiari could get back to his old form. Frankly, the Chiefs tackle situation in 2023 was a disaster, as Donovan Smith was thoroughly awful and Jawaan Taylor got called for about 38 penalties.

Ryan Tannehill - Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears should sign Ryan Tannehill to be the backup to Caleb Williams, so is surely going to be drafted by the Bears in April. The Bears current QB2 listed is Tyson Bagent, and with someone of Williams' caliber likely coming into the franchise, having a quality, veteran backup seems to make sense to me. This is what Tannehill is best suited doing at this stage in his career, which began back in 2012.

Hunter Renfrow - Dallas Cowboys

Why not? The Dallas Cowboys parted ways with Michael Gallup this offseason and could stand to add another wide receiver, and people seem to forget that Renfrow was once a 1,000-yard wide receiver back in 2021. Renfrow will be very cheap and would fit the Cowboys since they don't have a ton of cap space to spend.