NFL Head Coach Search: All 2024 vacancies have been filled

With the last hire being Dan Quinn to Washington, all of this year's head coaching openings have been filled.
Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills
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Carolina Panthers - Dave Canales

Dave Canales is an interesting hire. His work in 2022-2023 with Geno Smith and Baker Mayfield make him a very encouraging candidate, especially for the Carolina Panthers, who have no choice but to make it work with Bryce Young.

Atlanta Falcons - Raheem Morris

Raheem Morris was once the interim head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, and how he gets a shot to be a head coach again. Spending some time in the Shanahan/McVay free, Morris is surely building a strong staff. We'll see if he can be the latest defensive-minded head coach to have immediate sucess.

Seattle Seahawks - Mike Macdonald

Another young, rising defensive mind, the Seattle Seahawks hire the 36-year-old, who is HALF the age of their previous coach, Pete Carroll. Macdonald's ability to simply call defenses to the strengths of his players is something that'll be extremely welcome in Seattle. His plan to fix the offense will certainly be something to watch.

Washington Commanders - Dan Quinn

I mean, why not just hire Mike Vrabel? The Washington Commanders buy into the weird fascination with Dan Quinn and make him their new head coach, replacing another overrated defensive head coach in Ron Rivera. We'll see if Quinn can fair better in his second head coaching stint after spending a few years as DC of the Dallas Cowboys.