NFL Insider indicates Steelers could still make a huge QB move in 2024

Could Russell Wilson's stay in Pittsburgh not even last into the 2024 regular season?

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NFL insider Adam Schefter recently reported that an executive told him that the Steelers could move on from Russell Wilson in the offseason. Could the Russell Wilson era in Pittsburgh not even last into the 2024 regular season? Well, Schefter seems to think that it is a distinct possibility:

"“I even had an executive say if Justin Fields outplays Russell Wilson during training camp, they could see Russell Wilson, them moving on from him before the season,” Schefter said on Tuesday on NFL Live. “Like there’s a whole range of possibilities. We know that Russell Wilson goes in as the starter, but again, they’re going to let the competition play out and we’ll see where it goes.”"

Adam Schefter / Andre Graham,

Schefter continued:

"“They have said that Russell Wilson is the starter going into training camp,” Schefter said. “Justin Fields is the backup going into training camp. They’ve been pretty clear. But think about the investment that they have in each player. They essentially are giving Russell Wilson $1.2 million, while the Denver Broncos are paying him almost $38 million this year. Very little investment. They gave up a conditional 2025 sixth round pick for Justin Fields. Very little investment.”"

Adam Schefter / Andrew Graham,

The signing of Russell Wilson and trading of Justin Fields by the Steelers seem to be two moves that have been praised league-wide, and yeah, the Steelers did upgrade their QB situation with Wilson and Fields, but it is important to note the investment, or lack thereof, that the Steelers made. We're talking about a hair over $1 million and a sixth-round draft pick to get both Wilson and Fields on the team.

Folks, that is virtually nothing in the NFL world. So, could it be possible for the Steelers to cut ties with Russell Wilson before the 2024 regular season begins? I think so. If they are preparing to name Justin Fields the starter, essentially meaning Wilson is the backup, the now well-traveled QB could demand his release. And with his contract with Pittsburgh being so little, it'd be very financially possible for them to do that.

Russell Wilson surely believes that he's still a high-quality starter in the NFL, so I just do not believe he'd accept a backup job at this point. Perhaps this could happen in Pittsburgh. However, how good are the odds that Justin Fields beats out Russell Wilson? Wilson was not great in 2023 with the Denver Broncos, but Fields has consistently been a bottom-7 quarterback through his first three years in the NFL.