NFL Insider suggest mind-boggling contract extension for Cowboys QB Dak Prescott

Is this number really what Dak Prescott can command?

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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott played very efficient football in 2023, and a potential contract extension would be an insanely high number. There's at least one reputable insider who thinks that Prescott can make an insane contract demand this offseason. And for Prescott and his agency, they have a ton of leverage.

Bleacher Report's Jordan Schultz indicated that he thinks Dak Prescott could reset the market with a contract extension this offseason.

There's also the insane leverage that Prescott has:

Schultz thinks that Dak Prescott could command as much as $60 million per year on a fresh contract extension. And when you look at the fact that Prescott's cap hit in 2024 is nearly $60 million and him only having one more year left on his current deal, there is a giant financial wave about to hit the Cowboys.

The first extension that Prescott signed a few years ago is currently paying him an average salary of $40 million per year, which is tied for the 10th-richest deal among QBs. And frankly, that's just about where Prescott ranks among NFL passers, but there is no reason for him and the Cowboys to not get an extension done.

An extension would greatly lower his cap hit in 2024, which would be some much-needed relief for the team. The richest contract in terms of yearly value belongs to the Cincinnati Bengals' start QB, Joe Burrow, who is significantly better than Prescott.

According to Over The Cap, an extension would save the Cowboys over $26 million on their 2024 cap number. The 30 year old QB had the best year of his career in 2023, leading the league with 36 touchdown passes and earning a career-high passer rating of 105.9. However, the Cowboys went one and done in the playoffs last season, making it hard to justify Prescott making potentially $60 million per year.

Prescott has proven to be a very good regular season quarterback, but his 2-5 playoff record is hard to look at. I think if you're the Cowboys, you're stuck. There is no clear upgrade from Prescott available to them, but it doesn't appear that he can lead the Cowboys back to the Super Bowl. They might be forced to cave to Prescott's demands, and that doesn't yet consider the amount of leverage Prescott and his agency have.

Don't be surprised if the controversial QB signs a lucrative contract extension this coming offseason.