NFL Insider suggests elite pass rusher could be on the move in 2024

Could the Los Angeles Chargers turn the page with one of their best pass rushers?

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
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ESPN's Jeremy Fowler recently indicated that Khalil Mack of the Los Angeles Chargers could be a potential trade target for teams looking for a pass-rush boost. With the Chargers in the negatives in terms of cap space, one or more of Khalil Mack, Joey Bosa, Mike Williams, or Keenan Allen will not be on the team in 2024.

At least, contractually, that's how it's got to work for the team. Well, Mack is the oldest of those four and might actually fetch the most in a potential trade. Here is what Fowler said recently about a potential Mack trade:

"ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reported on Sunday's SportsCenter that the Los Angeles Chargers edge-rusher "is one in particular that I know multiple teams I've spoken to have an eye on because he had the 17 sacks a year ago. Huge cap hit and [the Chargers] can save $20-plus million on their cap if they were to trade or move on. Maybe there's a trade possibility for a team in need of a pass rusher and there will be many in that market around free agency.""

Timothy Rapp / Bleacher Report

At age 32, Mack had the best season of his career, amassing 17 sacks, 74 total tackles, 21 tackles for loss, and 22 QB hits. Mack has played and started in all 34 regular season games for the Chargers over the last two seasons. Even though he is getting old, he's actually getting more productive, so I do think he'd have a solid market with a trade.

Over The Cap indicates that the Chargers could save $23,250,000 with a trade in 2024. Mack is also in the last year of his deal, and it wouldn't really make a ton of sense for the Chargers to re-sign Mack if they are angling towards bringing in some youth across the roster.

Mack was traded from the Las Vegas Raiders to the Chicago Bears, and then was traded from the Bears to the Chargers a couple of years ago. I'm sure Mack wouldn't be totally uninterested in a trade. My guess is that he would want to be sent to a contender if he gets some input with that.

Could one of the best pass rushers of this generation find himself on a new team in 2024?