NFL Power Rankings: Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns and Kansas City Chiefs see shift in Week 7 Rankings

Detroit Lions v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Detroit Lions v Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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NFL Week 7 Power Ranking #7 Baltimore Ravens

Jim Harbaugh's unit had the best start of the NFL season compared to their rivals. Lamar Jackson is playing well heading into Week 7. This season, No.8 ranks fourth in pass grading (86.2) and second in offensive ratings (88.7) among quarterbacks. His contributions are helping the Baltimore Ravens maintain first place in the AFC North. Wins against the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns give them an advantage in the standings.

Loses to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts are the only blemishes on their record. Three more divisional games are left on the Raven's schedule. They will face the Bengals, Steelers, and Browns before the regular season concludes. Mike MacDonald's unit is ready to take on opposing offenses. His defense ranks third in overall grading (81) and second in coverage (88.2).

NFL Week 7 Power Ranking #6: Jacksonville Jaguars

Trevor Lawrence's development is impressive. He's worked hard during the off-season and it's paying off on the gridiron. Doug Pederson's third-year quarterback is ranked eighth in offensive grading (80.9) and ninth in pass ratings (78.4). He ranks tenth in passing yards (1,441) and has thrown seven touchdown passes. Calvin Ridley is reaping the benefits of Lawrence's productive season. He's become his teammates' favorite target heading into Week 7.

Assistance from Mike Caldwell's defense is helping the Jacksonville Jaguars maintain dominance in the AFC South. His secondary ranks third in coverage - making it hard for quarterbacks to complete passes. The Saints, Steelers, and 49ers are the next group of incoming opponents. If the Jaguars win three of their next two games, they deserve a spot in the AFC playoff picture.

NFL Week 7 Power Ranking #5: Miami Dolphins

Mike McDaniel's offense is the heart and soul of the Miami Dolphins. They have speed at every position. It's impossible to keep up. Tua Tagovailoa is also becoming comfortable in the pocket. He's managed Frank Smith's offense well - resulting in large point totals.

This year, the Dolphins rank first in offense (88.8) and second in pass grading (87.3). Contributions from their All-Pro wide receiver make Miami's offense hard to defend. Tyreek Hill is an elite playmaker. He ranks first in receiving yards (814), touchdown receptions (6), and receiving grade (94.9). Assistance from defense will keep Miami above water until the beginning of the post-season.